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University partners

The main function of the IFAME Institute for Applied Management and Education is the active support of study applicants in their search for an appropriate university place. IFAME employees are characterised by long lasting experience in the fields of international marketing and consultancy of international study applicants. Prospect students will be supported both in their home countries and in Germany so that they arrive at their places of study well prepared and supervised. By this, IFAME cooperates throughout Germany with numerous universities.

Our service to universities:

  • Professional representation and introduction of IFAME partner universities on-site in IFAME partner countries
  • Mediation of high quality students to your institution
  • Processing of application documents according to your criteria and requirements
  • Continuous quality inspections
  • Direct communication with your study applicants and simplification of your processes (e.g. transmission of admission letters, processing of visa documentation etc.)
  • Specific preparation of students for administrative tasks in Germany by workshops in order to facilitate study entrance
  • Active marketing of your university according to your pre-settings on-site

Your advantages in using IFAME services:

  • Increased planning reliability in reference to your study place allocation to international students – IFAME organises the booking of vacant study places in agreement with its partner universities according to their instructions with well qualified study applicants so that well-stocked courses result.  
  • Raised quality on applicants and processes by following a stringent selection procedure and collaboration with exclusive partners on-site.
  • Decreased resource dedication due to structured outsourcing of marketing and acquisition tasks abroad to IFAME
  • Decreased administration and checkup efforts for international study applicants due to individually adapted documents and applications in accordance to the agreed quality standards       
  • Decreased pre-study communication efforts due to student supervision by IFAME
  • Reduction of your entire administration efforts

IFAME university structure:

Listed University:

Mediation of study applicants according to your requirements in accordance to the student individual demand. At this stage, IFAME will not recommend your university besides of your general listing as our partner university. High student quality is ensured by individual interviews. Transmission of application documentation follows the completion of all formal criteria.

IFAME Recommended University:

In addition to the services to Listed Universities, IFAME operates individual tests in order to more precisely specify student`s qualification. Our coaches will highlight the match with TOP5 Recommended Universities within our counselling interviews.

IFAME Reference University:

In addition to the previous services IFAME will explicitly present your university within our on-site student workshops in IFAME partner countries. IFAME grants exclusiveness to its Reference Universities in reference to the offered academic fields within a 150km radius.

More information about our offers can be gathered here! (Link)

We are looking forward for your requests and will be happy to support you on any behalf.